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The Project is carried out within the International Research Agendas PLUS programme of the Foundation for Polish Science, co-financed by The European Union under the European Regional Development Found,with the budget of: PLN 31 000 000.



ICRI-BioM is seeking a young researcher to fill up a full-time research position in the laboratory of Dr. Christopher M. Plummer

ICRI-BioM is an International Research Agenda, established within Lodz University of Technology under the Foundation for Polish Science MAB PLUS Program in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz. It aims at the creation of an excellent scientific unit that focuses on combining polymer chemistry with molecular biosystems engineering experimentally and with the aid of computational sciences.


Prof. Dr. Shiro Kobayashi, Kyoto University, Japan

Prof. Dr. Klaus Muellen (MPI for Polymer Research, Mainz, Germany)

Prof. Dr Krzysztof Matyjaszewski

Main research areas

Molecular biotechnology

In particular, new biological materials, new biocatalysts, and new regulatory molecules.

New materials

In particular, new bio-compatible polymers and bioconjugates.

Applied computational technologies

In particular, computer simulations and computational tools for the prediction of properties, structure, and dynamics of molecular and macromolecular systems.


Max Planck Institute

Strategic Partner


Scientific Partner
Industrial Partners

SiA Pietrucha Sp. z o.o.

Grupa Maspex sp. z o.o sp. k

Adamed Pharma S.A.

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